Rob Farmer. The name that inspires anxiety in librarians the world over.  His favorite color is clear and he prefers to answer questions in interpretive dance. Don’t say the word “violin” or somebody is gonna lose their shoelaces.  The dude ain’t worth a dime at fixing ceiling fans but Bocce ain’t ceiling fans so don’t come with it if ya ain’t got game!  His wife is terrifyingly brilliant and must be very patient ‘cause she puts up with a lot of bad pottery.  Did I mention he’s willing to tattoo your corporate logo on his body if the commercials are filmed in IMAX format? Yup, just another part of the magic. So, like the kids get told: hush up now--I’m fixin’ to play some drums and it’s gonna make ya wanna move yer money.


Jeanne Anne Aukofer rocks the proverbial “Kasbah”.  She has more degrees in music than your average symphony.  She can play purt-near any instrument; on top of that, she has a wicked overhand serve!  As a Kansas native, Jeanne Anne does the home state proud with her dedication to music.  During the day, Jeanne Anne holds down “National Association” and “Professional Guild” memberships, coupled with a position of “Director of Important Stuff with Many Phone Lines”.


Eric Goodman is one rare dude.  No, not like a dinner option.  More like the kinda guy most people never get to meet.  Prove it, you say?  Chemical Engineering.  As in, “done did that!” The next logical step would be the giddy world of Commercial Real Estate of course, because they have such uhm, mutuality. Since the title of “voodoo witch doctor to elegant, refined and cost-conscious members of the loyal order of water buffalo” doesn’t exist, Eric has done one better and became a Director of Worship & Arts in the capital of his home state of Illinois.  So go ahead, ask him about a hydroxyl molecule.  He can play you a song he wrote about it and tell you a nice spot of land for you to listen to it on!


Some people know they are destined to be a musician.  Michael Aukofer knew when he was a kid--he could clap his hands AND roller-skate!  Well, after countless records produced, tons of music written/published, a gig in production/direction and, oh yeah, a Doctorate in Music, it seems to be true.  Michael is the keeper of Appalachian Christmas Quartet stories that include playing in malls and surviving the snowstorms of his home state, Kansas.  Web pages? Yeah, he’s got ‘em. Tons of enthusiasm--check. But of all the experiences a life can bring, Michael will tell you that nothing can compare to what comes out of the government’s restricted areas in the desert. And he has the coffee mugs to prove it!