In 1997, the Appalachian Christmas Quartet was born of a very simple set of ideas:  Gather a few diverse musicians to play, well, Christmas music; bring in whatever instruments are available (this is the Appalachian idea!); even if there are a TON of instruments, the group is small; and the kicker-the players can’t just play their own “specialty” instrument.  Everybody HAS to branch out into new territory as a musician! 

Sure there were a few rough patches (ask one of the members about the band’s very first gig!), but look at where it’s lead: four studio albums, one live album, more than twenty-two years of performing, hundreds (maybe thousands) of fans spread across the country, and probably a gazillion shirts with the picture of Master, Maestro, Herr Direktor, or Meister Jack, Esq. on ‘em.  Sure, ACQ brings more than a hundred instruments to their shows.  Sure, they can play them all.  Yes, they are only “a band” for two or three weeks (sometimes just a single week!) a year.  And, yes, they can all dance like the wind.  Really, it’s more than a show: it’s a collection of talented musicians doing exactly what they love and creating an amazing experience in the meantime.

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